Salisbury High School: Writing Resource


This resource has been created to help you with your literacy needs.  You will find a swag of helpful tools, from definitions of words you find in task descriptions, to scaffolding sheets for written work, these tools will help you spend your time and energy wisely when it comes to writing.

The website is still in construction and new information and templates will be added as it is developed.  Feel free to provide feedback about how it can be improved by clicking on the Feedback link below.


Use this interactive resource to access the writing tools you need, when you need them.

How should I use the Writing Process?Writing_Process.html
Genres: writing for a purposeGenres.html
Where do I start?Start_Here.html

How do I

process information?

How do I reference correctly?Referencing.html

Need to know!

Writing in the Research Project

Writing for the Personal Project