The Writing Process

  1. Identify the topic and the audience

  2. Make sure you understand the purpose of the task.

  3. Brainstorm what you know and what you need to know.

  4. Gather information you need. Keep a record of the references you have used as you go.

  5. Plan your ideas, layout and structure

  6. Take notes by using mind map or a graphic organiser

  1. Decide on a writing template that you will use.

  2. Follow the structure of the template.

  3. Write down your ideas in note form (this can be informal language at this stage).

  4. Transfer your notes into sentences.

  5. If you are constructing paragraphs make sure you
    have followed the structure of a paragraph. For example, do you need a topic sentence?

  1. Read your writing. Does it make sense?

  2. Have you used specific words to support your ideas?

  3. Have you got someone else to check your work?

  4. Or have you shown your teacher?

  5. Do you need to add more?

  6. Have you written it for your chosen audience?

  7. Have you checked for mistakes, such as punctuation,
    spelling and grammar?

  8. Have you followed the structure of that particular genre?

  9. Are you ready to write your final copy?

  10. Have you used the correct tense (e.g. past, present or future) throughout your writing?

  1. Write your final copy

  2. Is this your best work?

  3. Is it presented well?

  4. Have you included references/glossary and diagrams (Where applicable)

AuthorThink: A process for writing.Writing_Process_files/authorthink-framework-1.png

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